Project Description

Vandor Hometextiles offers a collection of duch feather down mattress toppers. Duck or goose feathers are a popular topper material due to their exceptional softness, breathablty and responsiveness. These mattress toppers are four layered with 100% cotton as the 1st layer, soft and lightweight eider down as the 2nd layer, coarser and more supportive eider feather as the 3rd layer and 100% cotton as the last layer.

This collection of mattress toppers comes in all sizes, including full, twin, queen, and king. Sizes, patterns and colors are customizable. OEM is accepted.

  • Fabric: 100% cotton
  • Filling: Eider down and feathers
  • Care Instruction: Dry clean only, no bleaching
  • Features: Stereoscopic filling of eider down and feathers